About Us

Lending a hand when there is a need.

Sahajia is a non governmental organisation with a zeal to focus on helping those people who don’t have access to the bare minimum requirements for leading a normal life.

Our Mission

Sahajia is definitely an outcome of a vision to standby the neglected, the ignored, the pitied. When cyclone Amphan hit the soil of Bengal leaving many in destitute, when a girl next door was thrown acid for not complying with a vulgar proposal, Sahajiya took her ground. She nurtures the people who need a treatment ,who want to have an economic support, who want to have a social recognition. She now has members growing in numbers, but needs more hands to scatter and reach even those books of the soil of Bengal , where a smile is even very precious. So extend your hands and hold the hand of Sahajiya. She needs you.

Our Vision

Sahajia is a non profit making organisation, which has its base in the zealous group Kichhu Kori Cholo.The journey of Sahajiya is to reach those who are underprivileged and victims of social injustice. Sahajiya’s main motto is to strengthen and empower especially the women who are still struggling to get their due recognition in society.

Sahajia has seen light amidst the darkness of covid 19 pandemic

What We Do

Sahajia runs on the subscription collected from various philanthropic sources to help people in need and distress.

Pure Water & Healty Food
For Needy People
Facilities for People
Pure Education
For Every Children
Cloth / Dress
For Needy People
Providing Livelihood
Protecting Environment

Our Team

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Supriya Saha Basak

Assistant Teacher in Jyangra Adarsha Vidyalaya President

Pamela Sarkar

Headmistress of Govt. Sponsored School, South 24 Pgs Vice President

Dr. Kaberi Chatterjee

Headmistress of Govt. Sponsored School, Kolkata Secretary

Subhasree Sarkar

Assistant Teacher , Behala Girls' High School Joint Secretary

Supported by people inland and overseas for the causes till date taken up by Sahajia.

We are deeply grateful for those who have surprised us with their great generosity.A big thanks to the people who have helped make charity and made Sahajia rise.

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