Let’s visit Zoo


Sahajia takes the children of Patibuniya to have a memorable trip to Zoo. These kids hardly get the opportunity to have a lovely weekend to entertain themselves. To bring smile to their face our team members are going to take them to Alipore Zoo on November 13, 2022.



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Let’s visit Zoo

From Sealdah Railway Station our team heads will receive almost 50 kids along with their mothers from Patibuniya under the supervision of Manas Bera. By bus they will be taken to Alipur Zoo and will be given a filling breakfast.

 After visiting the zoo, the kids will be served lunch. By evening, they will be escorted back to the railway station from where they will leave for Patibuniya.

The village kids with little or no amenities can hardly be afforded by their parents to visit a zoo. It is such a luxury for them. Under such circumstances,commemorating the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru and also with the purpose of celebrating Children’s Day which falls on 14th of November, Sahajia makes a pledge to bring smile to the kids of Patibuniya by taking them to the Zoo.

    Event Mission

    Helping kids to have a newer world of fun.

    Event Vision

    Bringing smile