Give a helping hand to poor people

General FAQ

How can I join Sahajia?

Sahajia has its member registration form. Please click the link below to join. One may also go to contacts and directly talk to its members.

Who can it be its members?

Anyone above 18 with a willingness to do social work can participate.

Where does Sahajia operate?

Sahajia operates in Bengal currently.

How is a particular project undertaken?

Anyone with poor economic and financial and social background coming up with a need is instantly supported most lawfully and is given a thorough support with donors’ subscription.

How does Sahajia operate?

Sahajia operates in a very amicable way with its regular members actively collecting subscriptions, donations and doing intense field work at grass root level.

Who are the members?

Its members include people from every sector. The members are the regular donors and they are either teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, service holders, housewives, students.

Who is the founder?

Sahajia is the brainchild of Dr. Kaberi Chatterjee, the honourable headmistress of Behala Girls’ High School, who under the inspiration of late Manju Sinha ,the mentor, the guide took up the brave step to uplift the people in need and distress.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to stand by the underprivileged people in our society by whatever honest means possible.

How is Sahajia formed?

Sahajia was formed during pandemic situation and when India was following stringent lockdown. It all started with a view to helping people when Amphan destroyed Bengal and its suburban.